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At ECTM Uppercare, our services are based on providing all of the support and care the client requires, whilst giving them the independence and encouragement to do what they enjoy most.


Built on a carer-client relationship of warmth and trust, we’ll take care of their needs, remove obstacles in their day-to-day life, and provide a foundation of emotional and physical wellbeing.


It’s about caring for them, but also making sure they feel truly cared for.


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Our Carers


Our carers aren’t just selected for their abilities, but also for the passion and pride they take in making people’s lives better.

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Learning disabilities

With the right support, learning disabilities don’t have to hold someone back from achieving their goals. We’ll provide the care they need to develop and prosper, whilst encouraging their confidence and independence to allow their true personality to shine through.


Young adults

All young adults are at a key stage of their lives where they’re discovering who they are and choosing the paths to take as they grow. With our care, we’ll give them the helping hand to cope with their condition, tackle challenges and build the life they want to lead.


The elderly

In every elderly person is a long life of experience and wisdom worthy of the highest admiration. We care for our elderly clients with the respect they deserve, whilst giving them the means to feel independent so they can preserve their own way of life and sense of self-worth.


Condition care

Certain conditions require specific types of emotional and physical care. Our experienced carers strive to form a strong bond with every client, whilst tailoring the care to their condition and minimising the disruption caused by any symptoms.


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