The importance of accurate and timely medication cannot be understated. With ECTM Uppercare, the client’s medication will always be administered by highly skilled, trained and experienced staff.


Strict procedures are followed with full documentation, and we strive to build good rapport with the client to ensure that each administration is correct and as comfortable as possible for the client.


The 5 rights

We follow the 5 rights of medication administration, which is the standard healthcare framework for safely administering medication:

  • Right patient – Verify the name on the prescription and use available identifiers.
  • Right medication – Check the medication label and verify the contents.
  • Right dose – Assess the label and required dosage, and cross-reference the appropriateness of the dosage against standardised information.
  • Right route – Confirm the designated route and appropriateness for administration.
  • Right time – Assess the frequency of the dosage, confirm when last dose was taken, and check that the correct dose is being provided at the correct time.


We also go beyond this with 2 further rights to ensure maximum client safety:


Right documentation – We clearly record medication, dose, time, route and any other important details in the MAR chart immediately after each dose is administered. We also detail full administration procedures in the user care plan, and record any medication stopped by the GP in the disposal book when returned to the pharmacy.


Right response – We assess the side-effects of each medication, and stay aware of any such symptoms or unexpected responses to the medication during the visit.

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